Modular Synthesis For Noobs

Think modular synths look cool, but they’re too confusing?

This set of videos, via Make Noise, may help.

The first, above, takes a look at Modular Synthesis for Neophytes.

Make Noise interns Safarii, Asher and Adam came into the Make Noise modular synth shop 10 weeks ago as complete modular synth noobs. They learned a lot, though, and so they created this video to teach the modular synth neophyte the basic principles of modular synthesis.

Extra Bonus Modular Synth Noob Tutorial: Basic Sequencing With the Rene Sequencer:

Extra Bonus Modular Synth Noob Tutorial 2: Basic Envelopes WIth The MATHS:

3 thoughts on “Modular Synthesis For Noobs

  1. I’m glad they used a $3330 system to make modular so approachable for n00bz. They should’ve used the System 0 (which is about as entry-level as Make Noise gets).

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