Secret Base Design Releases Apollo Remote Recorder, iOS Recorder

Secret Base Design has released Apollo Remote Recorder, an iOS app that allows the user to capture iOS synthesizers and integrate the recording into a DAW-based workflow.  Apollo Remote Recorder is an iOS recorder app that is controlled by MIDI — so you can capture synths (using Audiobus).

Developer Patrick Madden explains, “There are hundreds of great synthesizers and samplers for iOS, but getting recordings in and out of a device has been a hassle. Apollo Remote Recorder is designed to bridge the gap between iOS and the professional desktop DAW world.”

Secret_Base_Design_Apollo_Remote_RecorderThe recorder turns on and off with notes on channel 16, so it’s easy to synchronize it with a desktop DAW.  The app has a built-in web server, so you can bring recordings to the desktop without a lot of grief.  I’ve tried a number of times to switch to an iOS DAW, but none of them can hold a candle to Logic, so I wound up cooking up an alternate approach.

The app is compatible with any desktop DAW that can send MIDI. By making the recordings available over the web, they can be accessed by any web browser.

Pricing and Availability. Apollo Remote Recorder is available through the iTunes App Store, and is currently $5 US, half its regular price. During the new app intro, Secret Base Design is also discounting Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth to $3, MIDImorphosis to $4, and Voxkit to $2.

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  1. Does the app feature a button to start/stop recoding manually, rather than midi only? I’d like a simple lightweight recorder app for capturing sketches, without firing up Cubasis.

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