50 thoughts on “Caption This! The Jeff Bridges Plays The Yamaha CS-80 Edition!

  1. btw not a very good photoshop.
    sloppy collar job and completely different skin colour on the hands, as the light situation.
    non the less, nice pic.

  2. Where am I? Why is my head on Fred Falke? Why does this CS-80 sound so good, But most importantly has anyone seen 8 Million Ways to Die?

  3. I was one of the composers of the Blade Runner soundtrack. The original Blade Runner soundtrack. Not the compromised second draft.

  4. “This thing has a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, a lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder’s head. Fortunately, I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber.”

  5. “When I play I think of all the little people inside fanatically running around with every turn of the knob and touch of the key……mmmmwwahahaha!”

  6. Fake as fuck. One obvious detail: look at the bright light on his forehead, then look at the window in front of him, which is covered with curtains. Lots of tell tale signs….

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