Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer

fifth-degreeDeveloper Bernie Maier has released Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer, a free iPad MIDI Sequencer based on the circle of fifths.

Fifth Degree aims to be a simple but playable source of MIDI notes for looping, jamming and experimenting, but especially post-processing.

According to the developer, I”ts underlying philosophy is that from a few simple elements complexity can arise. Flexibility is great and has its place, but sometimes it can be liberating to work to a set of constraints. The main constraint in Fifth Degree is that it sends out a fixed sequence of MIDI notes, stepping through the circle of fifths in the key and mode / scale you choose.”


  • Lean user interface that gathers the essential performance controls on the main screen.
  • Fixed sequence of notes (ascending circle of fifths).
  • Clearly displays the notes in the key and scale you select.
  • Outputs to CoreMIDI output ports (virtual, network and physical).
  • Keeps sending MIDI while in the background.
  • Can send MIDI notes and MIDI clock, so other apps can choose to synchronise.

Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer app supporting any CoreMIDI output: virtual MIDI, MIDI over Wi-Fi and CoreMIDI compatible hardware interfaces. Since it is a sequencer it does not generate sounds on its own, so use it with your favourite CoreMIDI-compatible sound generation app or hardware.

Fifth Degree was developed for the 2014 KVR Developer Challenge. It is powered by the MidiBus library from Audeonic.

It is a free download from the App Store.

If you give Fifth Degree a try, let us know what you think of it!

One thought on “Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer

  1. Just tried it out – very easy to set up, had it routed through to AniMoog in no time. Lots of scales to play with and a simple arpeggiator. I think it has to be the MIDI master clock. Good fun for a free app, the only immediately missing feature is a “swing” factor as it’s a bit square by default.

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