Medic Modules Eurorack Voice Box Speaker

Here’s a quick demo of the new Medic Modules Voice Box Speaker – a speaker module for Eurorack modular synthesizers. 

According to the company, it’s designed for adding a ‘wasp / 2600’ lo-fi speaker to your modular.

The Voice Box speaker has a street price of about US $175. See the Medic Modules site for details.

15 thoughts on “Medic Modules Eurorack Voice Box Speaker

  1. Now you can play your painfully boring modular blips and bloops through some crappy little speakers! I guess this makes sense if you already blew untold thousands of dollars on modular gear and have no money left to buy proper monitors.

  2. yikes! well i suppose if you’re looking for a crappy box speaker sound this is a great piece of equipment. wait isn’t that what’s “hip” with the kids these days?

    1. Everyone knows Eurorack is useless for a 15-minute prog-rock keyboard solo. I am compelled to make fun of the tiny group of experimental electronic musicians because they are the most powerful, richest, most corrupt force on Earth, and there is no better target for my rage.

      1. even if you don’t like the elite experimentalists, we still like you! and even though Eurorack maybe useless for a 15-minute prog-rock keyboard solo, i’m sure it’s great for big beat!

      2. Challenge accepted… now i’m off to build a eurorack modular setup (may take a while)…. BUT I’m gonna go for a 20 minute solo =0)

  3. the Arp 2600 has similar speakers and no one complained about that ?

    when your take your setup out to meetups
    it is great to have a self contained euro powered speaker –
    one less thing to carry or pack-up at the end of the night
    i would rather leave my expensive studio monitors at home

    1. why not get cheap monitors? the case space is “expensive”.

      passive attenuator + mackie mr5 or for light weight and no power needed get some capsule mini speakers and get some bass.

      for 175 they really should be microphones too. yes, speakers work as microphones…

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