xMonsta Pull Lets You Edit Ableton Devices From Your iPad


Xmonsta has introduced Pull, a new touchscreen device editor for Ableton Live 9.

Built in Max For Live and based on the Lemur iPad app, Pull is a designed to be a fast and efficient workflow tool for sound designers, producers and mixing/mastering engineers.

Pull allows you to edit full-screen versions of every Ableton Live device (over 60 Lemur templates) directly from your iPad. It follows any device that is currently selected and displays a large, multi-touch template on the iPad for editing.

Here’s a video demo of Pull in action:

The software works alongside any type of controller, such as Ableton Push, APC40, Touchable, Livecontrol2, SHOVE, or even a mouse.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Pull:

We noticed that while there are some great controllers for Ableton, most of these lack intuitiveness when editing devices (only allowing you to edit the 8 banks of parameters at a time, using generic knobs). PULL is set to change this, providing much larger, full screen, multi-touch versions that are designed to look just like Ableton devices.

We will also soon release the ability to control popular VST’s and Max For Live devices using the software.

Pricing and Availability

xMonsta’s Pull is available now for £25.00. For additional information, check out the xMonsta website.

15 thoughts on “xMonsta Pull Lets You Edit Ableton Devices From Your iPad

  1. 25 quid. You gotta be kidding , that’s more than lemur now which comes with live control 2 FREE,
    And a lot more than touchable2
    There are some greedy f—-rs

  2. all well and good but the reality of using any daw is that your hand is back on your mouse more times than makes such apps efficient, don’t get me wrong I’ve got touch able and lemur both are excellent. my biggest moan is that they are all really aimed at the session view, when you come to use the arrangement view the mouse is king because no matter what happens your hand is all ways going back to it. touch screen laptops don’t cut it with live yet, until the interface is designed for touch screens it is not a work flow i would recommend.

    looks great though

    1. It isn’t a toy app like many iOS ones, it’s a controller and lemur et all are very pricey, so standard is high price for such apps

      iOS users are spoilt actually ( figure for 69p, caustic for around £7, even animoog was released for 69 bloody pence ) come on!

      Serious users will have to adjust cause prices in general are gonna go up!

  3. This looks cool, but iOS has kinda reached saturation point for me, I see apps come out and an increasingly thinking, I don’t need this, I already have x,y,z, etc…

    The market is getting tougher to break into. Unless there are compelling reasons i.e. significantly different functionality, sound, playability… I’m resisting purchase. I didn’t buy Yonac’s ToneSTack for example and there’s really no reason not to (top rate developer) other than I already have JamUp, Bias, etc…

    What would be great now is for the apps we already have to come of age. NanoStudio 2 is probably going to be my next predictable buy, given that the UI in NS1 is still the best there is and that NS2 is going to (hopefully) provide a similar, maybe better, interface but rock solid communication with the rest of the system. i.e. midi, clock, sync, cc, automation & multiple audio routes in and out. Auria might beat em to it, and I guess, as good as it is Cubasis might sort out it’s UI failings. BM2 might get a complete UI makeover in BM3? I can’t think of anyone else in with a chance of being able to claim the prize!?

    Anyway, another win would be a really nice set of tools using iOS8’s extensions, so common audio processing tasks, like reverse, trim, fade in/out and file sharing are available system wide.

    1. Nanostudio 2 you won’t see till next year. It will be a tight race between Auria update and INTUA’S next offering or update. As far as cubasis goes- a big MEH! It’s not really a good app for iOS workflow lol

      The focus does really need to be on the daws now as every bloody dev wants to put out a synth and we don’t need more of those:)

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