5 thoughts on “Electrotechno, For DIY Modular

  1. Sounds terrible. Seriously. Over driven and muddy.

    Videos like this remind us why electronic musicians abandoned modular in the first place (cost, use of space, lack of flexibility due to complex patching, etc). That same pattern, over and over and over and over and…

    Sounds like he’s got the TR-8 running through a wavefolder (or similar) on his modular (which looks incredible for a home build). Sounds crisp when he drops the clean beat in over the top (unfortunately, some people only listen to the first 10 seconds of a video and make a hasty judgement). I don’t think there’s any poblem with ‘muddiness’ whatsoever, no more than you’d get from any rock band who distort their guitars anyway. If you want clinically clean music, go listen to some One Direction.

    I think the comment about the modular being inflexible is completely unfounded too, on the contrary, the modular synth is well known for its versatility, with infinate module combinations and patching possibilities, one of the main reasons for the resurgence.

    Love this sound, and after listening to, and buying music from Lektroid’s bandcamp page, it’s clear this guy has a good slice of talent.

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