New Site, 808 Kicks, Offers Free ‘Transistor Kicks’ Sample Library

B808M-Transistor-Kicks-FreeA new sample source, 808 Kicks – The Boom Boutique, has launched and is giving away a free sample library to introduce their work.

Here’s what they have to say about the 808 Kicks:

The Boom Boutique pays tribute to the original boom box – the legendary TR-808. We offer the highest-quality drum sounds and kits, either sampled directly from the 808, refined using analog or digital effects, or inspired sound emulations with even more bang for your buck.

Transistor Kicks is a free sample library that offers 50 kick drum samples, recorded from the 808 and then professionally EQed, optimized and mastered ‘to give you maximum B808M.’ See the 808 Kicks site for details.

via Kersten

8 thoughts on “New Site, 808 Kicks, Offers Free ‘Transistor Kicks’ Sample Library

    1. It refers to the Roland TR-808, which is one of the most influential drum machines in the history of electronic music. 808 samples are pretty prominent in today’s music too

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