Roland Intros Mobile UA Compact USB Audio Interface


Roland has announced the Mobile UA, a compact USB audio interface, not much bigger than a deck of cards, that they say is the world’s smallest USB audio interface that supports both ASIO and DSD.

It offers native playback of DSD audio sampled at 2.8 MHz and provides up to four simultaneous channels of audio playback. ASIO and Core Audio drivers are available for compatibility with popular Windows and Mac audio applications.

The Mobile UA is equipped with TRS mini-jacks on each side of the unit, providing two stereo audio outputs for monitoring with headphones or connecting to external sound systems. The main audio signal can be sent to both outputs, allowing two people to monitor the same sound at one time with headphones. Alternately, a musician can use one jack for sending the main audio signal to studio speakers or a PA, and use the other for monitoring a click track and/or cue mix via headphones or stage monitors.

The Mobile UA features a high-performance headphone amplifier with 158 MW + 158 MW output at 40 ohms. This enables the use of a wide variety of headphone types and provides plenty of volume for monitoring in situations where isolation from ambient sounds, nearby performers, and crowd noise is essential.


  • World’s smallest USB audio interface that supports both ASIO and DSD
  • High-quality audio playback from Roland’s newly-developed S1LKi audio engine
  • Native playback of 2.8 MHz DSD audio
  • Ultra-compact four-channel audio output
  • High-powered 158 MW + 158 MW (at 40 ohm load) headphone amp
  • Supports ASIO and Core Audio; designed for low-latency operation

Official pricing and availability info are to be announced. See the Roland site for details.

5 thoughts on “Roland Intros Mobile UA Compact USB Audio Interface

  1. Will this work with 300 Ohm Sennheiser HD 650’s? I’ve been needing to buy something that matches their impedance, but still new to figuring out what to get, and learning about impedance.

  2. Seriously, after being a lifetime Roland user (multiple S770s, S760s, 1080s, 2080s 5080s) ALL I want Roland to do is make plugin version of those synths. Please do it as well a Korg so I can use your sounds again. Pretty Please with $$$ on top. I’d pay dearly for virtual versions of the 2080 and/or 5080.

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