Here’s The New Aphex Twin Single – minipops 67

Warp Records shared this streaming single of the new Aphex Twin single from Syro, minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

Or as they say, “This is the first Aphex Twin dong fore 13 years between the publication of the first a formal music.”

Check it out and let us know what you think of the latest from Aphex Twin!

Aphex Twin’s Syro is available for preorder via iTunes and Amazon.

51 thoughts on “Here’s The New Aphex Twin Single – minipops 67

  1. It sounds like something I would have liked 10 years ago when I still listened to aphex twin. My taste has changed and his style has not. I am sure people will love it, just not this guy.

    1. Oh dear. Just listen to yourself… tragic.
      Did you want a few more EDM tropes slammed in here to make you feel better? No bass drop?

        1. Unfortunately if one doesn’t worship this Richard guy here on synthtopia, u r considered a lesser mortal with bad taste in music!

        1. “Hard work? Yeah sure, fiddling with a few knobs and faders while recording is very hard work lol”

          Hahhhaaaahhaa!!! Ok, it’s confirmed that you are indeed just trolling and don’t actually make music or understand music theory,and have never been on a label with the guy.

          1. I haven’t seen anything to indicate Aphex Twin knows anything special about music theory or production. In some interview that was posted here on Synthtopia he basically admitted that when someone commissioned him to do a remix he had no clue what to do so he just labelled some old random bleep bloop track he had laying around “remix” and sent it to them and by luck they accepted it.

    1. Why you gotta throw techno under the bus? Also not sure how this track relates to techno at all – it’s a completely different genre with a completely different purpose.

  2. This takes me back to when I would just sequence a bunch of random stuff without spending days on sound design and obsessing over all of the elements, and that is what I like about it. It was so fun to make music then, because it was all an experiment and I just let myself get lost in the bliss of it. He just took some simple elements here and turned it into something cool without trying to be like anything else. I look forward to hearing more.

  3. hey, to me it sounds like furious blurb. It tires me. I much prefer early work such as Caustic Window or his remixes. You may not like this post, but since he is putting out his work recognition, it is only fair we express our liking – or not.

  4. Definitely not as progressive as some of his previous works but still keeps the essence of his original style. I wouldn’t say it was a ground-breaking phenomenon but it’s still a great track and no one can deny his musical genius and artistic integrity. Looking forward very much the hearing the entire album.

  5. I can understand people wanting to hear something more modern. But come on, it’s probably something from a whilez ago. just listen to the layers in there. It’s freakin rad.. And uniquely aphex. This type of music doesn’t need bass drops. It needs to be played loudly

  6. Just listened to this track. It is nothing unique or exceptional. More than likely he recorded it in one take. It is because HE did it that you supposedly like it. And this is the sad state of affairs of the music industry these days, it’s who you are not what you do that counts.

    Talent, if you have any of it is a secondary consideration.

    Considering the advances in music technology and the amount of time the artist under discussion has been in the industry, it’s seriously dissapointing to here more repetitive played out under engineered crap to be fair!

    1. Wow, dude. You just can’t stop. RDJ must have banged your girl or killed your family or something. Dude makes the music he wants to make because he can, the same goes for Boards of Canada, Autechre, Burial, I could go and on. These are established acts, they don’t have to drop in wobble bass or whatever you would consider “modern” to remain relevant. I find it much more admirable when an artist has some damn integrity and makes the music they want to make and has a sound, instead of giving into stupid, fleeting trends, that’s how one’s work can remain relevant and timeless.

      You actually said this:
      “It’s 2014- bass matters, bleeps and screeches don’t:)”
      Do you know how stupid that sounds?
      I suspect you don’t. You’re suggesting people make music to fit into modern trends yet then you go on about talent being a “secondary consideration”. Apparently you think an artists first consideration should be what people want to hear and what’s hip.

      You should probably spend more time working on your own tracks instead of jumping on every Aphex post and telling people they only like it because it’s Aphex or that he’s a “twat” or talentless, maybe you’ll get somewhere and be in a much happier place than you are now.

      1. Wow Richard poogle James is back:) was wondering why you didn’t write earlier. Prolly coz u were waiting for someone to express a non gushing sentiment?

        Well, a few others have not been favourable to this track, go jump on them too please cause this is not fair.

        But for once you said something I agree with , u mentioned boards of Canada, autechre ( also warp artists), they are actually talented, as is another warp artist flying lotus. They are pushing boundaries whereas RDJ is not actually. Others have made that exact same point above.

        Go jump all over them too?

        Your consistent lengthy attacks on my comments further solidify my belief that u r RDJ himself, if I am wrong then second choice is u r his #1 fanboy who refuses to allow for other peeps tastes, perceptions and opinions.

        I don’t see a “poogle” posting anywhere else on this site which further convinces me:)

        And it’s not a jealousy thing, cause there are far more bigger artists featured here on synthtopia and their success don’t bother me either.

        The bare bones is: I think he is highly overated, repetitive and an absolute wierdo.

        I mean come on, who in their right mind dj’s lying down???

        Till the next time Rich:)

        1. No one else personally attacks the guy and his work. Others might post something inferring that he’s “old school”, “overrated” or “dated”, which are really simple and ill-informed opinions but you come off like you have a personal vendetta against the guy. It’s really strange. To say Autechre and B.O.C. are talented but he isn’t is just dumb. He’s no more repetitive as anyone else you mentioned and if you think he is, you haven’t heard enough Aphex.

          Anyway, pointless to even respond to you. Your obviously jealous of the guy, you mentioned being on a label with him at some point. I’m guessing his career took off and yours didn’t. Lame reason to trash someone.

          Also, I post quite a bit. And yes RDJ is weird but I bet he never uses “u r” because he not sure whether he should use your or you’re so he’s got that going for him.

    2. >Considering the advances in music technology and the amount of time the artist under discussion has
      >been in the industry,

      This is an interesting and key point. Not putting anything out for a while has probably done as much for his reputation as his music ever did. Those old rock stars who died at a peak are usually remembered as better artists than they actually were. For instance, if Kurt Kobain had kept putting out albums for another 15 years everyone would be tired of the guy.

  7. To hell with the music industry, advances in music technology.. This euro modular sausAge, that poly sausage. Bass drops and wobble crap. It should be about makin musix that make you feel good. And plucked/manifested from the most interesting parts of your brain. Repetition comes in forms when you visit the same place. People are going to like whatever makes them smile. It’s not about who you are. Fuck it

  8. I’m always glad to hear new aphex twin, but sounds like a window licker outtake. Hopefully the rest is a bit more inspired. I can’t begrudge him it’s not though. I still love most of his work and we should all be enormously thankful for his earlier contributions to electronica.

  9. Really like the sounds. If I didn’t know who wrote it I’d say it’s an Afx rip-off 😉
    My probably flawed understanding is that this stuff he had knocking around for a bit, no?
    It’s a new album for us fans but it’s not new stuff for RDJ?

    Could well be completely wrong here tho!

  10. This immediately sounds like Aphex Twin, when so many artists are making tracks with no real personality!

    I like artists whose music really bears their mark. You wouldn’t mistake a track by Vangelis, Chemical Brothers, Schulze, BOC or Aphex Twin for anybody else.

  11. This thread in a nutshell:

    “Derrrr. Needs more wubwubwub! LOL @ dat bass! Knob tweaking? what is this 1934?! LOL. You should blow on your N64 game cuz it glitching! LOL!”

    “You’re dumb.”

    “You just dont get it old man. this is 2014! LOL! WHERE DA BASS AT?!”

    1. The only people who still think this crap is cool are those guys whose taste got stuck in senior year of high school for life. I’m picturing some crusty old Brit with a grey receding hairline chain-smoking in front of an old analog mixing console going “These kids today with their traps and their jukes just don’t know REAL music that has SOUL like Aphex Twin! 1998 was the best year ever, mate!”

  12. I’m really just confused why he returns with the AFX alias on something that isn’t pushing the boundaries. He’s been putting out stuff since the “hiatus” under many other aliases, but decides to put this out under Aphex Twin. It had created, I’ll admit unrealistic expectations for me, but it still is a little baffling.

    He’s even said this is his “most accessible” album to date. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but no part of me wants accessible. That’s just double talk for “boring” or “safe.”

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