8 thoughts on “DIY Synth Kit

  1. Really well done demo, but I’m not sure I want a breadboard synth which can fall apart at a moments notice, only really needed this video for the valuable learning experience!

    1. You can always solder it to an actual board if you want, unless I’m mistaken. You could also switch out the speaker for a jack, and put in an on/off switch. Then again, if you know how to do that, then you can probably just buy all the components to do this individually 😛

  2. Very good, yes, very Atari and also very 1960s Radio Shack. But, she forgot to say exactly what made for “left” and “right” on the IC chip, namely the dot or indent that marks the end with pin #1.

  3. It seems like there’s one of these things popping up on kickstarter and elsewhere every other week: useless gadgets for bored hipsters.

    What I find striking is that the developers of these toys often seem to put a lot more care into their promotional videos than into the design of the actual product.

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