Electro-Harmonix Brings Back Clockworks Rhythm Generator/Synthesizer


Electro-Harmonix has reintroduced the Clockworks Rhythm Generator/Synthesizer. The Clockworks doesn’t create sound on its own, but generates pulses to trigger other devices and can set the tempo for a drum machine or sequencer, like EHX’s 8 Step Program.

The Clockworks has four separate clock channels (driven from the same master clock) that can connect up to four devices, so creating polyrhythms is also easy.


  • Works as a master clock for sequencers and drum machines
  • Generates pulses to trigger devices like electronic percussion products
  • Connect up to four devices to the four separate clock channels driven from the same master clock. Creating polyrhythms is fun and easy
  • Master clock can be generated internally by the Clockworks or come from an outside source
  • Fully analog
  • Supplied with an EHX 18VDC/500mA AC Adapter

The new Clockworks is a faithful reissue of the classic pedal, but in a modern die-cast package. It has an MSRP of $293.73. See the EHX site for details.

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