Abayomi Performs “Chemistry” on Push

Sunday Synth Jam: Jesse Abayomi performs one of his recent tracks, Chemistry, on Ableton Live with the Push controller. 

Jesse’s Live Set allows him to recreate his tracks in Push. Here’s a close look at the set, including Drum Racks and Max for Live instruments:

This live performance video, via Ableton, is part of a series of videos showing musicians creating tracks with Push in one take, shot with one steady-camera in real-time

You can watch the series below:

8 thoughts on “Abayomi Performs “Chemistry” on Push

  1. Much love to Jesse & his work here! But, I’m wondering if too many of the products being given to ‘the kids’ limit their minds. Just as the popular music scene has the same effect of doing, much of the time!

  2. I’m not feeling anything revolutionary. I have a suspicion of the equipment being used and its potential limitations. And Ableton’s reputation consequently! Living in boxes…Many of the guys in Berlin working for them are great. I know they smoke a lot of herb. And they seek open minded K0NSTRUKTIVITY. I’m just making an outrageous enquiry, as to the creative uniqueness, of their number one selling products. I’m only hearing re-workings of Western ‘man’s’ take on music & what ‘he’ thinks it is, based upon a 1988 model. Which was when I found originality in 4/4, enough to DJ and play those masterful tunes out! Respect to ‘the artists’ workflow & time & effort!. But, Acid reduced to EDM sums up the need for revolution on the streets & in the clubs. Robot sounds for a robotic society? Still, touch is the way forward. But, soul sensitivity with the touch wins.

    1. Never meant to upset any robots or creative adventurers by speaking from the heart. I know there are a lot of beings caught up in the conspiracy of ‘the square’. Peeps too scared to climb the mountain, alone. Peeps who’ve invested much in a machine and a formula, rather than venture out of the box to find their own soul. And, in a way, invested in the formula, deliberately TO find their own soul. Just beware of the pressure capitalism places upon the major players and what they are able to offer, whilst remaining afloat financially. Artists or bigger players. And fuck, yes of course, Ableton can be used for expressions of genius. Outside of the mundane. Happy to share original examples of my work. And the heroes who guide me to seek more. But it’s not all in 4/4 I must warn…

  3. I use hardware. These controllers look like toys.
    A crude sequencer sequencing synths and samplers through an anologue desk,blows these hipsters toys to one side.

  4. love the fact that it’s well arranged yet it is live. once again may i remind you that it’s not about the device but about the human that controls it. you can have as much hardware as you like, without talent you’ll be just a washed up collector. this guy oozes talent. just look at this performance. i for one would make a mistake in the first 30 seconds…

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