Camel Audio Updates Alchemy Mobile

Alchemy_Mobile_2point3point9Camel Audio have announced the v2.3.9 update for their iOS synthesizer, Alchemy Mobile.

Alchemy Mobile 2.3.9 Key Features:

  • iCloud storage of favourites and user presets
  • Sound quality improvements – smoother track switching and looping
  • Audiobus 2.1 with support for iOS 8 (Audiobus on iOS6 no longer supported)
  • Numerous additional improvements to performance and stability.

Here are audio demos:

Pricing and Availibility. Camel Audio’s Alchemy Mobile app is free and available in the iOS App Store. More information at the Camel Audio website.

8 thoughts on “Camel Audio Updates Alchemy Mobile

  1. I wish there was a “Real Pro” version, that opened the whole engine room for users tweaking. I would pay even VST -prices for that.

  2. I feel the same…Alchemy, great, powerful synth. Could be SO much more on an ipad with full editing like its VST/AU counterpart. Man, I really do love the ipad synths, but as a whole, they are ALL half of what they could be. Things I can’t stand thus far: most do not “remember” which patch you last left off on, they revert back to some default; why can’t we just bring in these awesome synths into a good ol’ fashioned DAW like Cubasis right off the bat, I’m sorry, but using AUDIOBUS and IAA are inspiration sapping and just one more step to add to frustration (don’t rip into me about audiobus…I wholly support it…and, for that matter, IAA); can’t there be a way for these awesome ipad synths (you all know which ones they are…the usual suspects) to show up as plug-ins in a computer based daw…come on now, wouldn’t that be awesome? Like the other person said, I would gladly pay money for pro spec’d stuff! For all the awesome synths, innovative sequencers, and assorted manglers on the ipad (I have my share, I am guilty of ipad synth whoring) I STILL find the MOST useful app on the planet (for me and my pathetically simple needs) is MidiDesigner. It’s like I have a cool tablet thingy which is great for dick’n around with but that is all it is. Bottoms line to my gush fest: bring me ipad ultra pro 12″ w/practical I/O

  3. Oh, I forgot, the Zeta synth on the ipad is probably the most faithful reflection of the VST/AU. Yeah, yeah, aside from the U/I issues and the somewhat discerning cakewalk support, it is really the best realisation of what the iPad can be for

  4. I want to put in a good word for Alchemy. I’m using it on a Mac rather than a pad, but the base instrument is outstanding. I ditched two lower-performing synths as part of a workflow adjustment because it covers so much ground. One thing that makes it stand out is the wide range of sound programmers. Many other companies seem to lean on one person or just a few at best; Alchemy often employs a dozen or more authors per patch set. It feels more like a collaboration than just patch surfing. It has plenty of in-house beef if desired, but you can also import samples of your own easily, so its wide open. Try the basic Player version and be converted. As plain as the GUI looks, its so versatile in use, I kinda laugh at having a MiniMoog-like affection towards playing it. With all the carping we hear, I like giving these guys a thumbs-up. Some synths have Desert Island status because they’re shiny in some affecting way. Alchemy would be mine. Its like a mix between a Maserati and an old Dodge that keeps running, even if you put corn oil in the crankcase. Its a Very Happy Synth Experience and me love you long time. 😛

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