Bleep Labs Intros 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer


Bleep Labs has introduced the 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

On it’s own it can produce A/V insanity, with it’s built in, patchable, waveshape adjustable, analog oscillators. With an external audio, CV, and video signals, the 3trinsRGB becomes a gateway to the video hyperverse.


  • Analog video and audio synthesizer.
  • Composite video input.
  • CV inputs for each RGB channel that can be used with audio and modular level signals.
  • Audio output of internal oscillators and CV signals.
  • Patchbay allows you design complex interactions between the oscillators, RGB channels and i/o. It also make it easy to prototype your own tiny circuit “plugins” (more into on this soon).
  • Power supply and patch cables for header included
  • Analog composite video input and output are compatible with NTSC and PAL.

Here are some examples of the 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer in action:

The 3TrinsRGB+1c is available at an introductory price of $370, normally $395. See the Bleep Labs site for more info.

7 thoughts on “Bleep Labs Intros 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio + Visual Synthesizer

  1. This looks really interesting. I’ve been interested in visual synthesizers ever since picking up Critter & Guitari’s Rhythm Scope a few months back. That little box works great for live shows, but this thing looks lightyears ahead in terms of flexibility and potential uses.

    It’s quite expensive, but I don’t know if I’d call it overpriced, what with all the routing options, analog circuits, and modifying potential. The ability to process incoming video signal is very exciting as well. I’d love to see demos of what people can create once they get their hands on this thing!

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