Tiptop Audio Modular Synthesizer Workshop, With Konstantin Gervis

SchneidersBuero’s  shared this video of a Tiptop Audio Modular Workshop, featuring Konstantin Gervis.

Topics covered include:

  • Modular synthesis in general: history and various formats
  • Modern day modulars: the eurorack explosion, benefits of using modular synthesizer in a digital age
  • Tip Top Audio: detailed modules overview
  • Patching
  • Composing with Tip Top Audio modular system
  • Playing Live

You can find details on the Tiptop Audio modules at their site.

Video Summary, via Andreas Schneider:

Explaining the outstanding possibilities of Tiptop Audios Eurorack modules Konstantin Gervis gave an attractive workshop for SchneidersBuero inside CentralMusic.

Performing with his own folding case he praised the possibilities of having 808 and 909 drumsounds in such a compact instrument for comparably small prices. Even after he introduced all the modules that could have been found in this system, we reduced the length of the video to the most compact overview of some very good ones combined with some sounds he made that evening…

5 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio Modular Synthesizer Workshop, With Konstantin Gervis

  1. That looks like shit , but no doubt costs a packet.
    Give me a synth with memories any day.
    Will there be a time when modulars have patch memories. ?
    Until they have ,they seem comical to me.

    1. You know what else is terrible? Drum kits. They come with no auto-accompaniment function.

      Are they kidding me? I’ll buy no one, as long as they require me to know how to operate them.

      Speaking synths and presets, I wonder why they don’t come with ready-made melodies I can use in my song.

      A bg omission.

  2. Modular can have patch memories.

    Give me a car that can fly, and I’ll buy one !
    Give me a plane i can drive on the highway, and I’ll buy one !

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