Free Music From Steve Roach – Bloodmoon Rising

Free Music Friday: Earlier in the week, ambient/space music artist Steve Roach released a 70-minute piece inspired by this week’s Blood Moon occurrence.

Here’s what Roach has to say about the composition:

This piece was created in these last few days leading up to the Blood Moon night of October 8th.

So much of my work is born from the deep end of the night immersion. Staying aware of the moons many phases, from full to new has always been a part of my creative undercurrent, so the opportunity to acknowledge this moment in time made this piece flow forth with out a question.

Tuning into this Blood Moon feeling mixed with that sense of the seasons change in the air right now is inside this piece for me, and now I quietly offer it up to the moon and to you in this more spontaneous way only through Bandcamp.

It’s available at Bandcamp at a name-your-price option, so you can pay what you like or enter ‘0’ and download it for free. If you use the free option, you need to supply a valid email and the site will send you a download link.

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