STROM, An Incredibly Fun Sampler’, Now Available For iPad

stromDeveloper Jakob Penca has released STROM – described as ‘an incredibly fun sampler’ for the iPad. It also offers tight integration with the Elektron Analog Rytm.

STROM lets you record up to 10 seconds of audio, slice and sequence it and resample it to create something new.

The interface lets you sequence your source material in unique ways. You can always resample what you play, and you can even edit slices while you are playing them.

Here’s a demo of STROM in action:

Other features:

  • Copy audio from any app, using AudioShare and AudioCopy/Paste.
  • Share your sliced samples with your friends! Copy them back to any other app for further processing.
  • STROM’s full power is unleashed if you connect your Elektron Analog Rytm drum computer to your iPad (and buy the Rytm In-App Purchase Upgrade)
    • For one, you can easily transfer samples to your Rytm using MIDI Sample Dump Standard. STROM can also send all slices as separate files. For example, load a vocal phrase, quickly slice it up, and send the individual “ooohs” and “aaahs” as one-shots. Slices are automatically numbered.
    • Using the CTL-AL function, inspired by the legendary Machinedrum, you can tweak sounds on multiple tracks at once. For example, sweep the filter on all (or some) tracks. Or change the sample slot for all tracks (or less crazy, limit it to a few tracks of your choice). All sound and trig parameters, as well as track levels, are available to be tweaked with CTL-AL.
    • CTL-AL has UNDO, so you can instantly return to your previous drum kit settings.
      You can also use CTL-AL to create parameter lock automation in your current pattern!
    • It lets you squeeze the wildest sounds out of the Rytm. The Randomizer gives you detailed control over which tracks and parameters should be affected, and by how much. It isn’t really “random”, but uses your current Kit as the basis. You have intuitive and detailed control over whether to just shift the sound a little, or mangle everything completely insanely.
    • Pattern Generator: It’s main deal is an intuitive interface for quickly creating rhythmic patterns. Rhythms are programmed into the Rytm’s sequencer instantly. Leveraging the musical Euclidean algorithm, it generates cyclic patterns that are not random, but follow a logic which is perceived by most humans as actual groove.
    • In addition, there are special shift rotation tools which are effective for creating syncopations and breaks.
    • Kit and Pattern Pasteboard: This gives you multiple copy & paste slots for Kits and Patterns. You can quickly capture the current rhythm or sound inside one of STROM’s four pasteboard slots, tweak everything wildly, and instantly pop the original data back to your drum machine. Incredibly powerful for playing out live.

STROM is available now in the App Store for US $4.99. Rytm Upgrade is an In-App-Purchase. Elektron Analog Rytm is a hardware instrument which must be purchased separately. A USB-Lightning Camera adapter is required for the MIDI connection.

If you’ve used STROM, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

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17 thoughts on “STROM, An Incredibly Fun Sampler’, Now Available For iPad

  1. The RYTM is an incredible drum machine, easy to use but very deep and complex; STROM exposes this functionality wide open for extremely fast, intuitive and meaningful manipulation.

    Within 3 minutes of purchasing the app, I’d got the IAP, connected to the RYTM, was automatically prompted to make changes to the machine settings so it would work, clicked OK and started mangling the settings to create a rhythm that both sounded great and was unlike anything I’d ever programmed before.

    The interface is very well designed, it looks great and is very slick, not to mention highly intiuitive – I said that already, but it does bear repeating. A sterling job – congratulations Jakob!

    It is a work of pure genius! 10/10 & highly recommended, actually ~ ESSENTIAL ~ if you have a RYTM and an iPad.

    I would go as far to say that this marks the dawn of a new era of hardware/iPad integration & can only foresee more and more of this kind of development appearing in years to come.


  2. It is such fun to use with a Rytm. Very immediate, and interesting results start turning up within the first few minutes (even seconds) of use. I agree with Baddcr, if you own a Rytm and an IPad, you HAVE get it, you’d be crazy not to.

  3. Has anyone given this app a workout without being connected to an Analog Rytm? I’m curious how much it can do as a stand-alone app – any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated – thx!

  4. This app is excellent!

    A must have for every Analog Rytm owner out there!

    Just using the Fn! button to tweek everything and the scenes and undo functions makes it all worth it.

    The pattern and kit generator is really fun to play with… and it lets you decide lots of stuff so you are in control of what is being altered at any point.

    Having the ability to record something and send it instantly to your AR is also something incredible. (You would need a USB complaint audio interface and a usb hub to have good audio quality)

    And i know this App will get better and better and lots of new features will be added..

  5. Few questions:

    1. Is it incredibly fun WITHOUT the Rytm?
    2. Is it incredibly fun with, let’s say, Analog Four?
    3. Is it really that fun PERIOD ?

    1. 1) Depends if you like alternative sample mangling – it’s kinda similar to Samplr in this regard, similar but still different.

      2) It doesn’t work with the A4, although there are hints that similar apps could be made for A4 MD and MM.

      3) Yes!

      Definitely worth £2.99 – I mean come on… what do you really want for the price of a fancy coffee?

    2. Cool app, even without the Rytm, but if you’re com pairing to samplr , respectfully it’s not even close to being as capable or useful.
      No fx, if you’re really into mangling samples you can squeeze some good stuff out of it for sure but you have to squeeze. Not enough control over the arp/sequencer etc… Really the best measuring stick is samplr and it’s not in the same league yet.
      But the harder you try the more happy moments you can get. IMHO without fx and a more capable sequencer or a way to play multiple loops together I’d say it’s more of a $2.99 app than a $5 app.

      It does have really nice resampling, and bouncing, as well as works cleanly it’s just a little lean for non Rytm users, I was comfortable paying more than I think it’s currently worth to this developer to contribute to future development for us non Rytm users.

  6. Ok so now that I’ve explained it in that way I’d like to say this, I kind of luv this app, it has extreme limitations that make you flex your sample lobes. If you’re into sampling and creating sample fodder for your other apps you will find a place for this in your arsenal you just have to have the proper perspective going in. I am glad I bought it.

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