Wolfgang Palm Teases New Synth


Pioneering synth designer Wolfgang Palm is teasing a new software synthesizer, for Mac & Windows. 

No specifications or details have been announced. He’s only saying that the new synth promises “Powerful, sophisticated, deep, rich sounds, coupled with an interface that makes sound creation simpler than ever before.”

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

6 thoughts on “Wolfgang Palm Teases New Synth

  1. Its a given that Wolfgang will present a viable instrument, no question. I just wonder how many synths a person can really use. It sure gets addictive, don’t it? 😛 I used to have a hefty pile until I realized that I was getting too little done, for wrestling such a stack, so I trimmed my list and beefed up what I kept. Expanding a synth’s library can be a real eye-opener; the more contributors, the more variety gets exposed. If you are using a tool like Alchemy or Kontakt, check out the deeper layers and buy additional synths only if it really steps into an area you don’t have covered elsewhere. Some new synths offer a feature or GUI that really are a cut above, as with Nave’s great rotating FFT display. Just remember to do a cost/benefit analysis and don’t get overly jazzed by a shiny new toy. Think it over and buy incisively. Then toss all of your lofty pretensions by purchasing a Metasonix Assblaster.

    1. Yes, this is why this is needed for iOS, each of wolfgangs other apps offer a unique perspective and indeed, feel to synthesis

      Nave is also in its own league too

      Too many are making fancy looking but very generic type analogue or polyphonic things on iOS these days

  2. I hope he finds someone who is a bit better at interface design. The PPG Wave Generator is a sweet instrument but the interface for the Windows VST is more than a bit confusing probably more so than any VST I own.

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