Vandelay multiband echo device For iOS & Mac

Klevgränd Produktion has introduced Vandelay – a new audio effect, for iOS and Mac, that offers three separate delays in as many frequency regions.

Each delay has an LFO that modulates the pitch of the audio stream. Together with tempo based delay times and feedback control, you can create a rich sound from almost any source. 


  • Full Audiobus 2 compatibility including state saving.
  • Inter App Audio (IAA) compatible.
  • Unique pitch modulation.
  • Delay times are tempo based and can be quantized using the snap function.
  • All parameters are visible and editable in one screen, wrapped in an intuitive user interface.
  • Load / Save presets

Vandelay is available in the App Store for US $2.99. The free Audio Unit (AU) version of Vandelay is available via the developer’s site.

If you’ve used Vandelay, let us know what you think of it!

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  1. Strewth! Time to get the barby on and tell the Sheila to get out of the dunny cause this pommy needs a few tinnies and his iPad fetching so he can go visit the AppStore.

    Translation- instabuy 🙂

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