PPG WaveMapper 2 For Mac, Windows (Sneak Preview)

Pioneering synth designer Wolfgang Palm has released two video sneak previews of PPG WaveMapper 2 – for Mac and Windows.

PPG WaveMapper 2 was originally released for the iPad, and is one of the most highly-rated synths in the App Store.

Palm calls WaveMapper 2 ‘the best PPG ever’.

Here are additional sound demos of the upcoming PPG WaveMapper 2:

Details on PPG WaveMapper 2 for Mac & Windows are to be announced.

10 thoughts on “PPG WaveMapper 2 For Mac, Windows (Sneak Preview)

  1. Which is better, Wave Generator or the Mapper? Generator looked more powerful, and I got an impression, that the Mapper was a bit more streamlined, but now I am not sure.

        1. Not at all. The concept of WaveMapper is that it can combine features of different sounds- say the filter from one and the oscillator from another. WaveGenerator is more of a classic wavetable synth.

  2. it seems like all the cool new software synths are coming out on iPad or iOS first, now, and then get released later for desktop.

    Are we now in an ‘iPad first’ world?

  3. Of course its iPads first. E-music toys are a niche field where flash, portability and pride in ownership will generally trump the power of more serious rigs for the bulk audience. That’s the beauty of it, though. You can fiddle with basic tools for the fun of it, add heftier gear if you feel drawn to Step Up or go for a pro/near-pro power setup. People sort of have to replace their desktops every 5-10 years, depending. It looks as if you need a new iPad every 18 months or so. You’re ghettoized a lot faster than with a desktop, if you’re prone to leap on every new goodie. That’s not a full-stop thing, though. I have an old eMac that still runs fine and a 20-year-old workstation that does likewise. Part of the fun lies in the juggling act. Besides, a well-cared-for iPad with a PPG synth in it will still be a great tool long after the pad proper won’t run software that appeared 4 years later. Its a better deal than crack, although if you are always chasing a new Eurorack module, it IS crack. 😉

    1. My iPad 1 still works great, all apps are now getting written for iPads that are 10 times faster and that have 4 times the memory.

      Getting way faster devices for the same money is a ‘first world problem’, but it does mean that the older iPads are getting left behind.

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