dsp-Gplug Puts 15-Oscillator Paraphonic Synth On A MIDI Plug


Developer Jan Ostman has announced that the dsp-Gplug – a version of the dsp-G1 analog modeling synthesizer built into a MIDI plug – is now available.

Ostman calls it “the smallest VA MIDI Synth in the world.”

The dsp-Gplug is designed to be both patched and controlled via MIDI. A MIDI editor is available.

The synth is has 15 oscillators, structured as a 5-note paraphonic synth, with a 24db lowpass filter with resonance. It also has AMP ENV, filter ENV and LFO, with sine or sample & hold waveform.

Here are some audio examples of the dsp-G1 synth in action:


Here’s another audio demo:


  • 15 DCO, 24db DCF, 2 ENV, 1 LFO
  • 5 voice paraphonic voice structure
  • TTL MIDI Input
  • 44.1KHz 16-bit Delta-Sigma DAC
  • 19 parameters controlled through MIDI-CC

The dsp-Gplug VA-synth is available now for US $80.

21 thoughts on “dsp-Gplug Puts 15-Oscillator Paraphonic Synth On A MIDI Plug

  1. The DSP-G1 chip itself seems to have more potential than this plug. Can see a bunch stacked together managed by a PIC or other micro-controller. Now, that noise in the quiet parts, like two minutes into the SingleSaw, where does it come from?

  2. It sounds very noisy, is that how it is saposta sound? I like the midi vampire and midi vampire 2 for this kind of bare midi synth.

  3. Those audio samples are pre-release and at the early development stage of the synth.
    That is not what it sounds like now.

    The Gplug is basically the dsp-G1 chip inside a DIN plug so you could buy the chip and build it yourself.

    The application manual is downloadable at the site.

  4. I don’t see any of the hardware fans going crazy for this. It just shows that the main advantage of hardware is the interface. Interesting project though, although as a soft synth user I think it would be more useful as a soft synth.

    1. Don’t worry, I wasn’t asking for it as a soft synth. Just saying that the fact it is hardware is neither here nor there when it doesn’t have an interface of its own. Clever engineering but people who use synths are mostly musicians and musicians need to be able to finely control sound.

  5. Jan, it’s a cool thing. Ignore the naysayers and whiners. It’s not like any of those jokers are actually producing music. All they do is lurk on these boards and bitch and whine about absolutely everything. They are useless.

  6. I for one think it is a very good concept. I actually consider getting one to discreetly expand my NS2 synth capacities.

    My only gripe is the architecture, it would make me go nuts if it was at least 4-note-polyphonic with 3 osc per voice. Maybe this is not possible because of electronics at this price.

  7. So if you play a Chord on it (three Sounds) and have another voice play every 16th it would retrigger the Filter, but not the Sounds ADSR? Maybe this chip is what my Synth needs than…

  8. Hello, I purchased the kit for this little synth from the linked site back in early December w paypal and have not recieved it yet. The site seems to be down now. Any info would be appreciated.

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