New Daniel Lanois Album, Flesh And Machine

daniel-lanois-flesh-and-machineProducer and performer Daniel Lanois has a new album out, Flesh And Machine.

According to label Anti-, Lanois has ‘truly deployed every sonic weapon in his arsenal’, creating the ‘headphone album of the year’ in the process.

Flesh And Machine was initially conceived as an ambient album, building on his work with Brian Eno on classics like Ambient 4: On Land (1982) and Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks (1983). But the album also explores Lanois’ idea of taking the ‘studio as an instrument’ concept to the world of live performance.

Here’s a live studio performance of Opera, from the new album:

For the album, Lanois spent countless hours processing an array of source sounds, including steel and electric guitar, piano and human voice. Lanois is arranging the songs for live performance by a trio, with drummer Brian Blade and bassist Jim Wilson, where both playing, sampling, dubbing and processing will happen in real time.

Here’s the official music video for Iceland:

You can stream the full album below:

Daniel Lanois’ Flesh And Machine is available now via Amazon, iTunes and other retailers.

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  1. I had the distinct privilege of hearing this album in Daniel’s living room / studio earlier this year. You definitely want to listen to this one on a great stereo.

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