Robert Rich Interview At RBMA Tokyo

Master synthesist Robert Rich is featured in the latest interview from Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014.

In the nearly 2 hour discussion, Rich talks about music as ritual, modular synths, mastering advice, magic, sampling tree frogs and psytrance raves.

Robert Rich Interview Summary:

This Bay Area ambient pioneer began building his own synthesizer at the age of 13 – around the same time he became interested in avant-garde and minimal composition. By the time he got to college at Stanford (around 1981), he began organizing “sleep concerts,” playing abstract drones and soundscapes to influence audiences’ REM cycles.

3 thoughts on “Robert Rich Interview At RBMA Tokyo

  1. Dear Red Bull Music Academy,

    Please consider using Lapel or headset microphones for these interviews, Its painful and awkward watching your guests hold a handheld microphone for 2 hours.

    Thank You

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