Geisterwelt Spectral Sampler & Visualizer For Live


Utami has released Geisterwelt – a spectral sampler and visualizer for Ableton Live/Max For Live.

Geisterwelt lets you simultaneously create music and responsive HD video, with nothing more than a MIDI controller, a keyboard, or mouse.

Here’s a video intro:

Here are some audio demos:

You can discover new regions of sound within your sample by adjusting the wavescan slider and the zoom and slide controls. Adjusting the attack and release parameters along with the legato and oscillate functions lets you change the playback behaviour of slices.

There’s also a unique spectral feedback feature, spectral side-chaining, and ajustable heat levels which add reverb-like aura to your sound.

Switching to “SEE” mode opens up Geisterwelt’s other half; a spectral visualizer that generates complex geometric patterns from the audio being played in the sampler. The color scheme, style and geometry of the visual output can all react in real time to your playing, or can be manipulated individually via MIDI.

Finally, VJ mode puts Geisterwelt’s visual output into a separate window – perfect for live performance with a projector.

Geisterwelt for Live/Max For Live is available for US $30 via the Ableton site.

If you’ve used Geisterwelt, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Geisterwelt Spectral Sampler & Visualizer For Live

    1. Geisterwelt can’t save the file in this version — it’s made more for live performance. However, you can do what we do and use a screen capture program to capture it in HD along with the audio. We use ScreenFlow on the Mac, and there are good Windows options too.

  1. Can I use Geisterwelt as a visualizer for audio not created by the plugin itself? Like a .wav playing in a different rack or a mic hooked up to a kick drum or something.

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