Poll: If Behringer Makes A Synth, What Should They Make?

Many people think of Behringer primarily as a maker of ‘clones’ of popular music gear, or more recently, for creating some innovative mixer and monitor lines.

But, before Behringer was even a company, founder Uli Behringer got his start by building his own keyboard, the UB-1 synthesizer (above), when he was 16.

Now, it looks like Behringer could soon be making synthesizers again. 

Earlier today, the company posed this question on their Facebook page:

“Question. If you would want us to make a synthesizer, how should it look like? Hard or software? Analog or digital? 49 or 61 keys? Shoot…”

What do you think? Weigh in, with the polls below – and then leave a comment and tell Behringer what they need to do if they want to get your synth business!

If Behringer makes a synthesizer, should it be hardware or software?

If Behringer makes a hardware synth, should it be analog or digital?

How big of a keyboard would you want on a Behringer synth?

If Behringer makes a synth, should it be poly or mono?

New design or clones of classics?


Note: Behringer’s considering becoming a new option for synth buyers, so consider this an opportunity to tell them what they need to do to win your business. Keep your comments constructive – off topic comments will be deleted.