‘Synth’ Promises To Be ‘A Video Synthesizer For The Web’

synth-video-synthesizerDeveloper Steve Belovarich let us know about Synth – a new Kickstarter project to developer a video synthesizer for the web.

The web app will give artists and developers easy access to tools like WebRTC, the Web Audio API and touch based controls.

Here’s what Belovarich has to say about Synth:

Synth includes a collection of UI components like equalizers, waveform generators, timelines, step sequencers, faders and joysticks. Import data from various sources to use in your visualization. The web app can display full screen on a TV or computer monitor and be controlled by mobile devices like iPhones, iPad and Android.

Developers will also be able to import their Three.js, Babylon.js, and Famous projects. For instance, this will allow a developer to easily connect the position of the scene’s camera to touch based joystick controls. The goal of the web app is to give users the opportunity to interact with projects uploaded by developers, with a streamlined interface anyone can understand.

This web app will be a place creative coders share visualizations with users that remix them. Use the web app to transform audio and video in ways never seen before. Synth is a modern video synthesizer. Not only will the web app be able to produce an extraordinary variety of visuals, but it will also include some of the most sophisticated and professional quality controls ever produced for a web app.

Drag and drop music and video, control effects using the audio analysis, display effects fullscreen, share presets and original works in an online community. Synth integrates with your existing devices. Use Synth with Google Chromecast. Input audio from any device that uses a headphone cable! Synth will support popular input devices like Leap Motion.

Details on Synth are available at the project site.


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