iThereal For Mac OS X

itherealZero Crossing has introduced iThereal for Mac OS X – a multi-touch trackpad controlled virtual Theremin.

You can play iThereal using any Mac compatible multi-touch trackpad, including the Apple MagicPad.

“This is an instrument in the true sense of the word and like any musical discipline it takes some practice to master its subtleties,” says Keith Connelly, hardware designer at Zero Crossing.

Here’s a video demo of iThereal in action:


  • Use Pitch Lock to ensure notes are chromatically tuned.
  • Add effects to your sound like Reverb, Distortion, and Vibrato.
  • Use with MIDI hosting applications like GarageBand to incorporate an iThereal track into a musical composition.
  • Fully customizable user interface gives each musician a unique playing experience.

iThereal for Mac OS X is available at the Mac App Store:

via James Knight

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