Sample Logic Debuts Xosphere – ‘The Most Powerful Atmosphere Creation Tool Ever’


Sample Logic has introduced Xosphere – a new Kontakt instrument described as “the most powerful atmosphere creation tool ever invented”.

Xosphere provides advanced tools to simultaneously morph up to 8 unique atmospheres running through 4 morph module oscillators. At the heart of this are the Morph Knob and Morph Animator, which allow for seamless morphing between 2 atmospheres.

Here are the official video intros to Xosphere:

Advanced Tools With Massive Power

More than 100,000 combinations of atmospheres can be created per Morph Module Oscillator, with up to 4 oscillators per instrument, and that’s before adding the numerous custom FX modules that come with the interface.

Each morph module oscillator is powered by 2 sample-based atmospheres, each of which are user assignable and can be morphed manually with the Morph Knob or animated via the Morph Animator.

In addition, each morph module oscillator has independent sound sculpting parameters and effect tools. This includes a set of FX Animators for automating various parameters.

Xosphere also includes a Dual Filter Oscillator that modulates the hi-cut filter of each morph module oscillator, generating creative and complex rhythms by animating two hi- cut filters at different speeds.

XO-1Real Time Effects

Each Morph Module Oscillator is equipped with the following tweak-able effects:

  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Adjustable Root Note Placement per atmosphere
  • Morph Knob / Animator
  • Sample Start
  • Pitch
  • ADSR
  • Filter
  • Convolver

Each Instrument is equipped with Master Effects that affect all Morph Module Oscillators:

  • Compressor
  • EQ
  • Distortion
  • Phase
  • Delay
  • ReverbWarping

Beyond the Sound with Convolver

Each morph module oscillator contains a collection of warp-able convolution presets to feed the atmospheres through.

Xosphere Content

Xosphere is also packed with sample content, covering cinematic, electronic, and organic music genres.

Categories include:

  • Bizarre
  • Dark N Scary
  • Electronic – Effectual
  • Euphoric – Spiritual
  • Mixed Emotions
  • Mysterious
  • World Organic


  • 350+ Atmospheres
  • 2 Atmospheres per Morph Module Oscillator with 100,000+ possible combinations of atmospheres per oscillator
  • 275 Morph Module Oscillator factory presets
  • 4 Morph Module Oscillators per instrument
  • 275+ Factory instrument presets containing a mixture of 2-4 oscillators perinstrument preset

Intelligent Randomization

The following features can be randomized:

  • Each atmosphere (2 atmospheres per morph module)
  • Morph Animator sequences (1 per morph module)
  • Morph Module Oscillator parameters (1 for each of the 4 oscillators)

Xosphere is currently available for US $249.99, with a standard price of $299.99. See the Sample Logic site for details.

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