Conductr Controller For Ableton Live Gets New Production Features


Developer Patchworks has released a major update to Conductr, their Ableton Live controller app. The update adds a ‘smart’ MIDI keyboard controller and more.

Conductr was previously focused on live performance control of Live. With this update, Conductr is introducing more production-orient features, with the addition of the Claydr keyboard module.


Claydr, above, works as a MIDI keyboard that lets you play any instrument in Ableton Live. It’s not a ‘virtual piano’ keyboard, though. Claydr is a grid keyboard controller that features a versatile chord & scales generator and that is designed for tablet playability.

Here’s a video introduction to Claydr:

Here are additional screen shots of Claydr and its options:

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Some of Claydr’s highlights:

  • 4 rows onscreen: each row can contain a different octave and can be edited independently.
  • Each row’s settings include functions such as Add Note, Velocity (3 different modes), Spread, Random, Hold and Bend.
  • More parameters can be controlled using the Claydr Shift Mode: Scale Selection (58 different options), Key mode and Chromatic mode.

Conductr Screenshots:

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Conductr is a ‘freemium’ app. You can download it for free in the App Store and try it, but the more advanced features are in-app purchases. The Full Conductr Pack is US $21.99.

The Conductr free basic version includes a one row and one scale only version of Claydr. Users can purchase Claydr Premium to get 4 rows onscreen and 58 scales. Previous Conductr Premium Full Pack owners will get Claydr’s complete version for free.

Full details on Claydr are available at the Conductr site.

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