Pittsburgh Modular Intros Updated Modular Synthesizers & Cases


Pittsburgh Modular has announced updates to their all-in-one modular synths and cases.

Updated System 10 Modular Synthesizer

PM has updated their semi-modular sound lab, the System 10, above left, to include their new Midi 3 module. The Midi 3 adds a complete set of mono and duophonic midi response modes, assignable CC and dedicated velocity outputs, a feature rich clock source with tap tempo, midi and external gate clock dividers, and multiple arpeggiator responses to an already full set of features.

The Synthesizer Box remains at the heart of the instrument. A semi-modular synthesizer voice module featuring a unique set of modulatable waveforms, a rich lopass gate filter, and a tight envelope continues to define the sound of the synthesizer.

The suggested retail price for the System 10.1 synthesizer is $649 and it is shipping now. Details are available at the PM site.

The Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+, above right, is an expandable version of the System 10.1. The System 10.1+ synthesizer includes all the same modules as the System 10.1 but with extra space to grow.

The extra space allows for an additional 42hp of Eurorack compatible modules to be added to the synthesizer.

The suggested retail price for the System 10.1+ synthesizer is $709. it’s shipping now. See the PM site for more info.


Foundation 3.1 and Foundation 3.1+ Modular Synthesizers

Pittsburgh Modular has also updated its Foundation modular synthesizers.

The core of the Foundation 3.1 remains the same, two huge Waveforms oscillators driving a pair of filters that they say are “dripping with character”.

The suggested retail price for the Foundation 3.1 synthesizer is $1999. It’s shipping now. See the PM site for details.

The Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer is an expandable version of the Foundation 3.1. An included black plastic blank panel can be trimmed as new modules are added to keep the case looking clean.

The suggested retail price for the Foundation 3.1+ synthesizer is $2,249. It is expected to ship in January. More info is available at the Pittsburgh Modular site.


New Cases

In addition to the updated modular synths, Pittsburgh has updated their cases.

The Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Black is a roadworthy Eurorack case and power supply designed to safely house and power up to 104hp of eurorack modules.


The Pittsburgh Modular Move [104] Limited cases are ‘an experiment in color and wood’. The case and power specs are identical to the Move [104] Black.

The Limited cases are available in an array of finishes, meant to accentuate the grain of the hardwood. The first batch of Move [104] Limited cases are stained deep red and paired with a set of all black hardware.


Pittsburgh has also announced larger versions of the Move line.

The Pittsburgh Modular Move [208] Black and Move [208] Limited cases feature the same design and power supply, but in a double row Eurorack format.

See the Pittsburgh Modular site for details on each of the Eurorack modular synth cases.

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