Andreas Schneider Interview – A Visit To SchneidersLaden In Berlin

Sonic State’s roving reporter Edd Butterworth visited SchneidersLaden in Berlin – one of the world’s great synth stores – and met owner Andreas Schneider.

In this video interview, Schneider shares his thoughts on synthesizers and gives a tour of some of the great gear available at SchneidersLaden. 

SchneidersLaden Berlin is located at the Kotti above Kaisers: Skalitzer Str. 135a * 10999 Berlin. More info is available at the SchneidersLaden site.

If you’ve been to SchneidersLaden, let us know what you think of it!

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9 thoughts on “Andreas Schneider Interview – A Visit To SchneidersLaden In Berlin

  1. I’ve been there, in fact as I was on a family holiday, I took my wife and kids too! Amazing place, very warm atmosphere, helpful staff- packed with gear to experiment with, nowhere else like it… 🙂

  2. I was just there on Monday to get a new power supply for my Dark Energy. They didn’t have it at first, but one of the staff members made a quick call and about 45 minutes later I had a new power supply. It’s a super cool shop, you feel a bit like you’re in the middle of their office (because you kind of are), but it’s great to see a nice relaxed atmosphere, full of people that just really enjoy and are passionate about synthesizers.

  3. Yeah I was there summer before last. The owner commented on my beastie boy t shirt and said one of the beastie boys was in the shop a week previous. Not sure why I’m saying this but he seemed like a funny guy. Best shop I have ever been in.

  4. What cool guy. I dig his attitude and philosophy. Amazing that he outlasted all the shops who abandoned analogue synths!

    If you guys like SchneidersLaden shop, you should check out (or do a feature article) on a shop we have here in Portand Oregon called ‘Control Voltage’. It’s packed with tons of great gear, most of which is set up so you can play with it. Plus, the people that run the shop are very very friendly. If you ever get to visit, it will blow your mind. I personally have never seen any place like it.

  5. Yep – lovely people & a fantastic place & the gear… oh my!!

    I had a wonderful time there, would love to visit again.

    The S1 MKII is freakin incredible – got serious GAS for one, but it’s way out of reach.

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