Sound Radix Intros Drum Leveler For Mac & Windows

Sound Radix has introduced Drum Leveler –  a new beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Drum Leveler is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid driving grooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.

By selectively applying gain to single drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target level for each beat, without affecting bleed noise or beats that are out of the user-defined processing range.

Unlike traditional envelope-followers and VCA’s, Drum Leveler runs an advanced new algorithm that takes full advantage of modern CPU’s allowing unparalleled control over your drums’ dynamics.


  • Transparent, beat detection-based simultaneous upward & downward
    compressor and expander
  • Applies gain to each beat individually to achieve set target level
  • Gain reduction and expansion is transient-accurate to the drum beat
    for natural, distortion-free transients reproduction
  • Dual threshold levels allows processing any level range to affect only specific beats within a track such as ghost notes or bleed without affecting other beats
  • Mono, Stereo, Dual Mono and Mid/Side operation modes
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface

Drum Leveler is available now for US $149. A demo version is available.

4 thoughts on “Sound Radix Intros Drum Leveler For Mac & Windows

  1. Finally! We can make drum tracks even louder! Who needs dynamic range anyways? And ghost notes? Those are just mistakes, right?

  2. Looks like a good app for people who have to fix poorly mixed drum stems, or work with a pair of drum overheads that aren’t balanced right.

    Sometimes a plug in gets used for “turd polishing” (fixing badly recorded tracks) and that kind of tool is needed. But yea, it is a little troubling to see all the amazing ways that we can suck the dynamics out of a track.

  3. i think this is great. Sound Radix puts out realyl impressive stuff. I love beat detection being used for this purpose. I cna already think of a few creative applications specifically with breakbeats



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