GetLoFi Intros Quad Tone Oscillator NAND Synth

GetLoFi has introduced the Quad Tone Oscillator NAND Synth, an inexpensive synth that they say is great for making “groovy experimental sounds”.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Quad Oscillator is perfect for anyone trying to start making noises, no experience necessary just flip the power switch and start adjusting the 4 knobs, sounds will go from drone like tones to pulsating beats. Uses 9 volt battery and outputs to an amplifier via 1/4 inch instrument jack.

Fully Assembled Electronic Device ready to ship. 9 Volt Battery included.

The Quad Tone Oscillator NAND Synth is available now from GetLoFi for US 49.99.

6 thoughts on “GetLoFi Intros Quad Tone Oscillator NAND Synth

  1. The tiniest bit of external modulation would bring this closer to usable.

    The design looks cheap, the posts/acrylic slabs construction looks pretty generic, and with an opaque surface there is really no point for the PCB mounted LED.

    It’s funny, between geniuses like Peter Vogel (I don’t mean the guy from EMI, I mean this guy: ) to the whole Lunetta community, there are plenty of examples of CMOS circuits being used to attain musical results. Instead, it looks like Synthrotek took the easy route. Again.

    That isn’t to say that this couldn’t be useful (especially if you want to create some of your own samples, but in that case $50 is way too much for the amount of thought that went into this. Even an op amp buffer/clipper would go towards making this more interesting – a few more switches to allow any of the oscillators to modulate each other or to change component values would make this much more interesting.

    1. Harlan i agree with you, but this is made by GetLoFi, not Synthrotek (who, i agree, do tend to take the easy route in their “desgins” also). but their NAND synth based on the same chip (and same 70s schematic) is actually connected in a way that is more useful and “musical”. also, i have to say, i have received GetLoFi kits with wrong/missing parts and not received a response after complaints. but maybe they ramped the quality up a little with this iteration.

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