New Visual Music App For Android, EDMT

edmtDeveloper James Cui (aka VJ Fader) has introduced a new visual music app for Android, EDMT.

EDMT allows you to ‘play’ with your phone or tablet to control generative music and visuals.


  • Multiple interactive audio visual scenes
  • Real-time generative 3D graphics with dynamic sound
  • Interact using multi-gesture inputs and accelerometer
  • Audio reactive scenes
  • Output to TV or projector via HDMI

EDMT is being developed via a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the official intro video:

Here’s an overview of basic functions in EDMT:

EDMT is available to supporters for US $8. See the project site for details.

6 thoughts on “New Visual Music App For Android, EDMT

  1. Shame there is no ios version.

    Thickett for IOS is a great app thats similar. Not sure on the animation from EDMT the coloring looks horrible.

    And then there’s the name. EDMT?!?!?1
    Hoping to cash in by adding EDM to the app name.

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