Vestax Bankrupt

vestax-logoIt looks like it could be the end of the line for Vestax.

Japanese credit research site Teikoku Databank reports that Vestax has filed for bankruptcy after more than 37 years in business.

We have not seen an official announcement from Vestax on this, but it appears that they ceased operations in August. Their website,, is now offline.

Vestax was founded in 1977 as a maker of electric guitars. In more recent years, Vestax was best known for their turntables, DJ equipment and MIDI controllers.

9 thoughts on “Vestax Bankrupt

  1. Well this was coming at NAMM Vestax did not show any thing new nor innovative also I think the gear was over priced and not really make as good as some of the other companies.

    1. Extremely over-priced. I know some people (or at least one person) loved their controller, but damn they were expensive.

      Sad to see a company of this longevity tank though.

  2. The sad thing is that all of the traditional DJ companies are getting hammered, because over the last 10 years, they’ve had to constantly reinvent their gear.

    Turntables were replaced by CDJ systems, which they had to replace with USB MP3 systems, which they had to replace with hard drive players – all while DJ apps were chipping away at their market.

    And now that most of them have left the business, vinyl is cool again.

    1. you may bz right but the high-tech market also make big profit of constant innovations because customers “have to” renew their equipment with new “more practical” solutions……in the other handnthe wanabee market might be less profitable with apps and controllers that cost nearly nothing….

    2. You are right on all points. Apart vinyl being cool again 😉
      Because you will never see those supposed “modern DJs” use a vinyl…they don’t even know how to scratch a simple pattern or synchronize them 😀
      DJs just push “play” (even more than Deadmaus 😀 ), move their hands in the air and pay ghost producers to mix anything they “produce”.
      The only great DJs knowing vinyl technics are eating potatoes.

  3. The new trend in controllers is to make high quality, rugged gear. This is what vestax was known for back in the day with their PMC line. 🙁

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