Donk Machine 2 – A Free Way To Put A Donk On It


Hinton and Fairchild have released Donk Machine 2 – a freeware synth for Windows for putting a donk on it.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Donk Machine is an Fm Synth which specialises in the “Donk” sound, heard so much in Deep, Bouncy or Spanish House and Russian Pumping. It has 5 oscillators 4 FM and 1 Sub with control over all of the modulators envelopes, it features a very smooth Reverb, Highpass and Lowpass Filters, 3band EQ/Distortion, a Tilt EQ and the same Compressor from BIGROOMKIXSYNTH.

With 110 Presets by Alan Aztec and Quadrasonik the Donk Machine 2 is ready to use right away.

Donk Machine 2 is a free download at the H&F site.

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