Duet Display App Lets You Use An iPad As A Second Display

Developer Rahul Dewan has released Duet Display – an iOS app that lets you use your iPad or iPhone as a second, wired display, via USB.

Previous apps have promised to let you use an iPad as a second display wirelessly, but Duet Display is a wired solution and promises to deliver lag free performance, with up to 60 frames per second.

If your a musician using iOS and OS X, this may be an option for making good use of your iPad, while you’re using your laptop.

Here is the official intro video:


Note: Duet Display is a 0.3.3 release – meaning that the developer doesn’t consider it to be stable and bug-free enough to be considered a ‘version 1’ yet. We recommend reading the feedback at the App Store, because initial feedback is mixed, with some users having excellent results and others running into bugs.

It seems like there are two main concerns with the app at this point:

Duet Display is available now for US $14.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve tried Duet Display, leave a comment and share how you are using it and how it is working for you!