Free Ableton Live Instrument – Home PlaneT Electric Piano

Critical Vibrations has released a free instrument for Ableton Live, Home PlaneT Electric Piano.

Here’s what they have have to say about it:

The Hohner Pianet T was made from 1977 to 1982, and the Pianet line (including the N model) were stand-bys for all the pop and prog rock greats, from the Beatles to King Crimson.

Because of the simple engineering (making the original instruments often still in great condition) and the awesome, unique sound, the Pianet seems to be enjoying a resurgence.

The sound is often described as warm and round, softer than a Rhodes.

This Ableton version of the Hohner Pianet T, we’ve dubbed the Home PlaneT, since there are some spacey effects added, which can be controlled using Macro knobs.

Although this instrument was programmed in Sampler, it’s been converted to Simpler…so you don’t need Suite to use it! (However, it does use a few effects that are not included in Intro, so to enjoy the “full experience”you’ll need at least Standard.)

Download via the Critical Vibrations site. A valid email address is required.

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