Roger Linn Bringing LinnStrument To 2015 NAMM Show


Developer Roger Linn will be displaying the recently-released LinnStrument electronic music controller instrument at the 2015 NAMM Show.

Here’s a preview, via reader Geert Bevin, who helped develop the open source firmware that runs the LinnStrument:

Bevin calls the LinnStrument ‘The Ultimate Open-Source Hacker Instrument’, because it’s one of the most powerful control instruments available, it’s based on the open hardware Arduino platform and it runs open source firmware.

Here’s what Bevin has to say about his performance demo video:

This video shows the LinnStrument with my 3D printed iPad holder prototype, using SampleWiz.

The visual feedback of SampleWiz shows the per-note X-axis and the Y-axis expression going on, though with an obvious screen rendering delay. This nicely complements the audio to better display what is going on during my playing.

The Roger Linn LinnStrument will be at the 2015 NAMM Show in booth 5006.

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