What’s Dave Smith Introducing?


Dave Smith Instruments shared this teaser image, saying only that it was “The shape of things to come…”.

The company didn’t say anything more. Based on the timing of the teaser, though, we can expect something new at from DSI at the 2015 NAMM Show, which opens next Thursday.

What’s Dave Smith introducing next? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments!

32 thoughts on “What’s Dave Smith Introducing?

  1. Going out far left here but I hope it’s the sequencer from the Pro2 with mod inputs ie: lfo, cv & midi etc. I’ve always wanted a hardware seq that can input from any modulation source that’s programmable & computer controlled/usb. Maybe some software to setup & intergreat midi commands would b cool. Dunno just an idea & not a synth like everyone else will be showing.

    1. im not the biggest fan of his sound either but i give it up to him for always making cool products and testing the waters in new relms like modular. gotta give it up for that. and the dude was midi man

  2. Dave Smith is talking about the shape of things to come…sounds like its MIDI 2.0 he’s talking about…after all he designed 1.0.

    maybe the picture of a knob is just to throw us…

  3. It’s a ‘character’ module, right? The effects processing from the p12, I thought, in euro rack? saw it announced somewarez, but this wld be formal……

    1. Yep, that’s the problem with me, that cold sounding d–ed curtiss filter. I wish Dave would see the light and abandons the curtiss filter once and for all.

  4. These people musytfind it highly amusing releasing these teaser videos . And reading all the comments by all the worlds cretins. They are playing with your tiny minds. Don’t fall for it……………shit I just did

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