Doepfer Intros A-100 Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Starter System


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Doepfer will introduce the A-100 Starter System A-100BSS1.

Doepfer says that the Starter System 1 A-100BSS1 is a combination of modules that does not follow the typical synthesizer path. It is based on system suggestions from A-100 users.


  • 1 x MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync-Interface A-190-4
  • 1 x Trigger-Teiler A-160
  • 1x Basis-VCO A-110-2
  • 1x Noise/Random A-118
  • 1 x Dual-S&H A-148
  • 1 x Polarizing Mixer A-138c
  • 1 x SEM VCF A-106-5
  • 1 x Dual-VCA linear/exponentiall A-132-3
  • 1 x Multiple I A-180-2
  • 1 x ADSR A-140
  • 1 x VC Slew-Limiter/Processor A-171-2 (Serge VCS Clone)
  • 1 x VCDLFO A-147-2

By default the modules of the Basic Starter System 1 are mounted into the A-100LC3. But the system is also available built into any A-100 case.

The Eurorack Starter System 1 is expected to be available in the middle of February 2015, priced at US $1,450 (Euro 1240.00) with A-100LC3 case. See the Doepfer site for more information.

20 thoughts on “Doepfer Intros A-100 Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Starter System

  1. I have an ever growing Doepfer system. My advice: just make your own system. Do a little research and start by buying the case. The system featured in this ad has some modules missing and others are not that important imo. For example I’d buy at least 2 VCOs, plus the great frequency divider (a super-suboscillator). My favorite filter is the Diode Low Pass. Cheers

    1. Yeah, this is a solid start. The modular combinations are endless, obviously, but this is a very respectable choice of first modules. It’s mostly geared towards classic subtractive (East Coast) synthesis, so if you were wanting to get super weird, you might choose something else. But this would still make a lot of weird tones.

    1. Tough call… 25 doepfer eurorack starter systems or one System 35?

      I’d say doepfer would have more VCOs but moog would be more portable. Cheers.

    2. Both in the same price range? the Doepfer is $1,495 while the new Moog modulars are $10,000, $22,000 and $35,000. Definitely NOT in the same price range, OR league for that matter.

        1. of course it’s not the size that matters… it’s the SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          and yes, how you use it matters as well, but again… it’s the SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!
          and yes, I speak from many years of hands on experience working with several 55’s, (and Buchla’s for that matter) while in college and grad school when these were first being built and sold. Are Moog’s crazy expensive? Hell yes, but who else hand builds instruments like these anymore? The craftsmanship is breathtaking.

        1. a big let down? obviously you’ve never used a real Moog modular in person. I was fortunate enough to be doing my undergrad music degree at a school near the Moog factory in 1973, and had four years on the model 55 the school purchased from Moog. Transformed my world. This is the best news re: electronic synthesis products, this year, bar none, IMHO. Sure, I can’t afford one (but my Voyager XL keeps me warm at night) but still, this is fantastic news. NOTHING sounds like a Moog (andnothing sounds like a Serge, or a Buchla either)

          1. LOL. How many people who are interested in synths have actually played a Moog modular.

            Yeah, it’s a let down. This will affect me and most synth enthusiasts not at all.

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