Jomox Intros T-Rackonizer Eurorack Module


2015 NAMM Show: Jomox has introduced the T-Rackonizer Eurorack Module, described as ‘a complex time-woven filter matrix’.

Jomox  T-Rackonizer Eurorack Module

The T-Rackonizer transforms timely events into an analog feedbacked filter network.

The T-Rackonizer is the eurorack successor of Jomox’s T-Resonator. According to Jomox, this has been ‘the least possible implementation of the former experimental filter network synthesizer called „Resonator Neuronium”. The number of 6 nodes had been reduced to only two filter nodes – but still this structure offers a tremendous variety of sounds.’

The module contains 2 analog T-ladder moog-like filters and a digital delay.

Not only can these two filters being controlled by cutoff and resonance – they can be feedbacked negatively or positively to itself or even across the partner filter by the mix knobs. Also they can be feedbacked across a digital delay/reverb chip which is literally woven into the signal path.

On the T-Rackonizer, the feedback and cutoff controls can be CV-controlled. Once you insert a CV cable into the CV jacks, the corresponding internal control knob (e. g. Cutoff) acts as an amount to the external CV. Without CV input, the control knobs work across the internal range.

The filters are made from discreete parts and form a 24 dB pole lowpass filter transistor cascade.

You can select 8 different algorithms, each with different delays, wave guides or structures and different feedbacks and modulate them even with an LFO.

Delays reach from less than a millisecond to 1 second, range and structure is depending on the algorithm.

These capabilities let you create evolving analog tape echoes, “klingon parties” by extremely feedbacked wave guide algorithm and much more.

The ‘screaming analog feedbacks’ can delay themselves and thereby form new sound patterns.

The sine LFO gets retriggered by the audio signal and can be shaped with the audio envelope or just run alone. In center position the amount is 0, to the left it’s envelope-shaped LFO, to the right it’s only LFO.

Incredible bass gains or screaming scratch sounds are no problem. Positive feedbacks create distorting bass enhancements or low feedback tones without applying a signal.
The mix pots are zeroed in center position; any other angle will couple or feedback negatively or positively.

The external CV inputs work from 0 to 5 volts. At maximum amount (corresponding control knob open fully clockwise), a voltage of 2.5 volts represents the center position of the control. This is very useful for usage with most of the external CV sequencers available.

The input has an adjustable gain and a Hi-Z input to plug in a guitar directly. Any line level signal can be processed, be it either mono or stereo.

The Jomox T-Rackonizer will be availabe in May 2015. See the Jomox site for details.

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  1. I’ve been interested in the desktop unit for eges, so now that I have eurorack, this could be the right time. I hope the price is right, at least not more expensive than the t-resonator.

      1. Input jacks so close to the pots is the dumbest idea ever.
        Pretty sure you won’t be able to turn them if you use stackables hahaha.

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