Inside A Sequential Circuits Model 800 Step Sequencer

This video, via Synth Keith, takes a look at an early version of the rare Sequential Circuits Model 800 step sequencer. 

The Model 800 is a control voltage + gate sequencer can sequence up to 256 events.

The video highlights the internal differences in the early serial number Model 800 sequencers, compared to the later ones. The most significant difference is a 10-bit DAC, which allows interfacing to Hz/V synths like the Korg MS-20 (Mini) or the Yamaha CS series.

The Sequential Circuits Model 800 was advertised along with a Model 700 programmer:


For a look at the Model 800 step sequencer in action, see the demo video below:

Ad image via retrosynthads.

7 thoughts on “Inside A Sequential Circuits Model 800 Step Sequencer

  1. I like the idea of inputting note and timing data separately like he does at the end there with the drum machine, although it just reminded me of doing that as a kid with the Casio SK1 sequencer… and how I could never tap the melody in right. (the cycle would repeat before I had got to the end of the loop) It could at least make some happy accidents though.

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