28 thoughts on “The Donny Osmond Synth Solo – A Little Bit Rock And Roll?

  1. A right wing religous take on funk.
    What an awful scenario.
    Check out , papa was a rolling stone, Stevie Wonders version of the Norman Whitefield classic.

          1. So even using the word “religious”, whether or not relevant to the post, is automatically ANTI-religious?
            I can see how the entire Internet is going to have to step very carefully if you are reading things on it.

            1. mmk, grumpmos. You’re right; I should read the initial comment as delightfully descriptive rather than needlessly derogatory. I don’t see how you could read “right wing religious’ in this context as anything but. I’m neither right wing or religious, for the record.

              Even if you see it as purely descriptive, what’s the point of even mentioning it here? Sorta like when people tell stories about encounters other people but only mention the race when it’s “this black guy”.

              Not trying to be the internet morality council (didn’t make the 1st or 2nd comment) but you asked, so I answered.

    1. So if Donny was left wing, would it have been better ?

      Try not to show your biases in boards like this….you revealed a lot about yourself.

  2. I vaguely remember watching it one night as a kid, seeing Donny playing a synth with thick gloves on. The gloves were necessary because they had rigged the keyboard to shoot electric arcs from the keyboard onto his finger. Not something I’d want to ever happen with my gear, but it impressed me as a 10 year old at the time.

  3. First, let’s here it for the .5v view. I expect a Pittsburgh Modular selfie-cam module by NAMN 2016.

    Second, looked to me like most everyone was fully faking it on the instruments but Donny’s hands seemed to actually be doing what I was hearing. Sure it was faked for the video but I think he may have actually pulled that off.

  4. As someone who’s listened to almost all of the Osmonds’ Phase II and Crazy Horses albums, I can actually attest that this bizarre combo of super dorky cheese and impressively groovy/heavy funk rock is kinda their bag in this era. (I’ll also admit that i sorta love it) This is basically what the younger osmond bros wanted to do once their parents loosened their control of the band sound, and they got to play their own instruments in the studio. “My Drum” sounds like a lost hesher post-james gang/grand funk anthem, and is totally ripe for sampling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tmaS3LRgd0

  5. Only thing I remember from that duel was the merchandise spin offs.
    The funniest one was “Marie Osmond” jeans, jeans that no one could get into

  6. Am I the only one that thought Donny had some chops? I mean, other than the fact that it’s hilarious watching white guys try to play funk, I thought the filter-sweeped white noise played like a rhythm guitar was kinda cool… It would be hilarious if you found out that they were just lip-syncing and P-funk was actually jamming out backstage somewhere… lol

    1. Amazingly, it’s pretty bad-ass. I remember them being good enough that I didn’t walk out of the room during the music numbers (the show was mostly comedy skits, as I remember it). But I’m stunned at how well it holds up.

  7. New Eurorack Selfie-Cam comin at ya in time for the next NAMM…….Coool Brutha!
    I would like one on the mod wheel, so the image goes all wobbly as you raise it…..Damn funky!
    Or, hows about Parameter Relative Image Modification (P.R.I.M.)….Freaky!

  8. Lot of negative vibes coming from Synthtopia…from a lot of peep’s that probably have the machines do it all for them anyways. That was more entertaining than anything that the strained and tired Dubstep/EDM corporate formulas dictate. But what do I know…

  9. They are entertainers as opposed to artists (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

    This was a well arranged and executed piece. I surprised myself by enjoying it.

    And @Bjorn Berkowitz +1

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