Dave Smith Explains The Return Of Sequential

In this video, via Future Music, Dave Smith tells the story of the return of Sequential. 

Smith explains how he got rights to the ‘Sequential’ name back and introduces the new Sequential Prophet 6 analog synthesizer.

The Prophet-6 is Dave Smith’s tribute to the poly synth that started it all—the Sequential Prophet-5.

But it’s not simply a reissue of a classic. Rather, as Dave puts it, “It’s the result of our effort to build the most awesome-sounding, modern analog poly synth possible.”

The Prophet-6 takes the best qualities of the original Prophet-5—true voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers—and adds enhancements such as studio-quality effects, a polyphonic step sequencer, an arpeggiator, and more. The result is ‘pure, unadulterated analog tone’, with the stability and reliability of a state-of-the-art modern synth.

You can find out more about the Sequential Prophet 6 at the DSI site.

19 thoughts on “Dave Smith Explains The Return Of Sequential

  1. Gettting hold of a tetra and mopho keyboard has been brilliant. I really rate Dave Smith instruments it is
    great to see his compan doing well . It is well built serious equipment.Mr Midi, deserves his succes.

  2. I am totally in facking love with this, and Dave Smith!
    I’ve watched both videos so far and i think i’ve made a decision.
    I only bought my Mopho x4 at the middle of last year, and i love it,
    but i’m going to sell it, along with some mics and my R3 or whatever else i need to get the $ together
    and get this.
    $3000 (or maybe a little more here in Oz), but it is very much worth it.
    i am SO impressed. I’ve even got a poster of Dave on my wall (i’m not kidding either!)
    The guy is a genius…

  3. Just as excited as everybody else about the Prophet 6, and thinking about selling a bunch of stuff to afford it. However, I am not clear yet about the editing on the P6: what happens when you turn a knob while on a preset: jump, incremental change, or maybe it’s switchable? Anybody knows?

  4. Yeah, it would be cool to have a Prophet 6.

    However, I can’t afford it. So, I’ll have to do what I always do when it comes to expensive synths that I want and can’t afford, pretend that I have them and use my imagination.

    You should see the keyboard rig that I have (in my mind). It makes the early 80s Geoff Downes Asia rig look like child’s play.

  5. So great!
    Only thing I want to know is; will it have that micro-tuning of all notes like the old Prophet-5?

    Also, an EXT CLOCK IN would be nice for that Arp/Sequencer, so you can step it manually (instead of it being synced to MIDI clock..) That would be cool!
    Maybe it’s a easy mod, who knows 🙂

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  6. Nice one Dave….You’re going to sell tons of these, and deservedly so (I’m definitely getting one ASAP).
    Now that you’ve got the Sequential name back, it would also be nice to see a Pro-One reissue for the more budget minded. I can’t remember a synthpop band back in the 80’s that didn’t use one… A true classic.

  7. So glad to see this. You couldn’t ask for a better starter synth if your not keen on programming. I could never sell my P08 because I just can’t live without the split keyboard and 3 LFO’s and its other modulation options. Might save up for one of these. One question, why did dave put slop on the P6 since it is a VCO? I totally understood this on my P08 since the DCO can be a bit to stable. But if the VCO is that stable he needs to add a Slop control? Does this mean the Oscillators will sound like a DCO straight out the box? Either way it sounded good to me, just an observation that was slightly perplexing.

    1. The Prophet 08 and 6 both have digitally controlled analog oscillators. As did the Prophet-5, which was called a “digital-analog hybrid” in its owners manual. Their oscillators are pretty stable. I think of a slop feature as similar to another dedicated LFO, needed for the all-digital oscillators of the Prophet 12 and Pro 2 to get them to sound less than 100% stable, and welcome on the new 6 as an optional effect.

      1. On the website the P08 shows DCO and the P06 shows VCO. I think they are designed slightly different or route differently within the chip.

      2. Let me correct this, the 5 and 6 are VCO. There is some aspect of digital control, but not in the way generally meant by “DCO”.

  8. Dave is pretty bad ass.

    Very happy he got his name back and made this new synth.

    100% agree there needs to be a lower cost Pro-One mono.

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