40 Years of Yamaha Synth History

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Yamaha was celebrating 40 years of making synthesizers.

In this video, Yamaha synth guru Avery Burdette gives a tour of some of Yamaha’s classic synths. 

Burdette has been with Yamaha for years, and has a wealth of knowledge of their classic instruments.

We asked him which of these classic synths were his favorites, and he said it was Yamaha’s physical modeling synths, featured at the end of the video. They were pricey and didn’t sell well, but he said that they could be extremely expressive instruments.

Yamaha didn’t introduce any new synths at the NAMM Show, but given the emphasis that they placed on synthesizers at their booth, we’d be surprised if they don’t introduced a new synth sometime this year.

Note: The lighting for this exhibit used a lot of bright purple and blue lights, which were, unfortunately, very difficult to get good video under.

16 thoughts on “40 Years of Yamaha Synth History

      1. … buddy, this was supposed to be a JOKE, that´s why I´ve put the smiley. It´s simply funny, when this is so prominently shown, but I guess the world is far to serious to understand when something´s not serious.

        1. Synthhead not only seemed to get your comment, but also agree with it..
          Your snappy response sure comes off as rude though!
          Maybe you should lighten up, Buddy!

  1. Love this guy! Sounds like he’s worked with all the cool synths Yamaha ever released!

    Now I’m intrigued, though, about what Yamaha is going to announce. He talked a lot about aftertouch and expressiveness, so let’s hope that they introduced a really playable synth!

  2. From yamaha I only want a new rs7000: 32 trak midi channel +multi multiefx + multisinth capabilities (analog+digital+fm+samples). With real time recording capabilities. An old italian progressive-trance boy.

  3. I will never sell my first love, Yamaha SY-99 :-), but the days when I considered Yamaha to be the best synth company are gone. Take EX-5 for example, who else could do that back then, nobody. Wake up!

    1. If you are still looking for a Yamaha CS-60, I have one for sale, it need some repair (tuneup and three keys need replaced), I live in Sacramento, Ca. Make me an offer.

  4. Great Display of Musical History!!! Wish I was there to try all of them,especially My DX7II Centennial. I miss it already.. Yamaha is Truly The Best!!!

  5. The GX 1 is the one I would love to be able to see and hear on video. It was immense under the hood, and the analogue circuitry was so good. The envelopes were so fast because of amazing slew rates and the like. It’s a dream synth, a 300kg beast of myth and legend – yet it existed.

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