40 Years of Yamaha Synth History

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Yamaha was celebrating 40 years of making synthesizers.

In this video, Yamaha synth guru Avery Burdette gives a tour of some of Yamaha’s classic synths. 

Burdette has been with Yamaha for years, and has a wealth of knowledge of their classic instruments.

We asked him which of these classic synths were his favorites, and he said it was Yamaha’s physical modeling synths, featured at the end of the video. They were pricey and didn’t sell well, but he said that they could be extremely expressive instruments.

Yamaha didn’t introduce any new synths at the NAMM Show, but given the emphasis that they placed on synthesizers at their booth, we’d be surprised if they don’t introduced a new synth sometime this year.

Note: The lighting for this exhibit used a lot of bright purple and blue lights, which were, unfortunately, very difficult to get good video under.