19 thoughts on “Cuckoo VS Dataline At NAMM

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  2. I love the sequencing on my octatrack, but honestly videos like these are a big reason why I stay away from most elektron gear. All the instrument parts saturated with the same reverb and delay, incredibly twee drums that never seem to go anywhere, it’s just a snoozefest to me. I’m sure it’s entirely possible to generate interesting sounds with this gear given its specs, but maybe the workflow just funnels people into making the same-sounding thing every time?

      1. I’ve heard KINK get called a lot worse than that, he should take ‘house’ were he can get it, I wouldn’t be so polite.

      2. Please do yourself a favor. Take ten deep breaths, then walk outside and find the nearest tree. Spend 5 minutes looking up at the leaves, listening to nothing but the wind. Then come back and think if these comments are who you really want to be.

    1. So, these two guys paid by Elektron to market and demo their products are responsible for you buying those products? What are the chances of that happening?

  3. These two just seem the antithetisis of each other, like everything that Cuckoo would say would have Dataline quieting shaking his head in the corner. I do hope they get along. Nice performance, but I prefer watching Cuckoo through the distance of a shaving mirror, it feels safer like that.

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