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      1. Check out this live set. I think it’s great. Though if you don’t like house music or watching someone build tracks in real time then there’s probably nothing here for you. I liked watching his flow, hearing him recreate some of his recorded tracks, some improvisation… watching the crowd start out all awkwardly dancing in front of a camera then letting go to the music as time goes on.


    1. This isn’t innovative, nor even house music, as some people here say. Just minimal trance arpeggios and no proper groove. The live performance does not excuse mediocrity. Why is everyone hyping Kink? This is really boring.

      1. i wish i had an answer for you. who knows, maybe he paid all his fans off to say hes cool? haha there are way better artists but everyone online is so amazed. i must be taking crazy pills. i suggest people go listen to Daedelus more than this guy. at least he’s classically trained and has been working with monomes since the better part of 2006. but no, people rather listen to a guy play with drum machines. come over to my house, ill do the same thing lol

      2. I haven’t seen any “hype”. Just a guy making some live dance music with the Aira gear. Whatever-the-damn-genre this is, it’s danceable and produced live. I like it.

  1. One of my favourite LiveActs and one hell of a nice fraggle!!
    I just like his way of not only pressing Play but working with the machines..
    It’s like with Bob Ross: “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!” 😉

  2. I am a big fan of their ‘plug out’ tech, at one ARIA event the whole crowd were shouting ‘plug out, plug out… pull the f*cking plug out’.

  3. From yamaha or roland I only want a new rs7000: 32 trak midi channel +multi multiefx + multisinth capabilities (analog+digital+fm+samples). With real time recording capabilities. An old italian progressive-trance boy.

  4. This is not house. Don’t even dare call it that!!!! This is minimal trance. I am not impressed by kink at all. Boring arpeggio music, boring standard structures, zero innovation. Stop the hype.

  5. Holy shit, what is with all the hate on here the last couple of days? In “C”, dedmaus, now kink? what is wrong with confidently creating and sharing ones own music for shitz and giggles? I mean nearly anyone producing the kind of music this site focuses on is in for a limited audience at best, populist stuff is always going to follow the same patterns and structures, that’s why it’s popular..anyhoo, I’ll wager most o these pop dudes do this to get cash for cool gear, have time to fuck about in private with mad synths..kink has some cool locked groove vinyl and drum machine videos on you tube, I am nae a great fan of his pop stuff, but i do like his “ow, my fingers!..my gear knobs are very hot! stylings …;)

    1. I dont know man, i think it’s all kinda funny 🙂 I never heard of this kink guy before, i just think it’s a cool video. He must be on to something though if he inspires this much hate.

      1. Well they say to market yourself in this age you need to be remarkable, in a true sense of being remarked upon. The prime example of that effect is Rebecca Black, her music video wasn’t good, but it was remarked upon – it was that bad it became remarkable. Die Antwoord is another example, not so much they are that bad they are good, but it is purposefully contrived bad taste to be remarked upon, as is their play toy Lady Gaga. So it doesn’t matter if someone loves or hates you, it is all clicks, hits, views, adverts and meta-data – a collection of which makes a person successful in this age. People need to focus less on controlling the conversation, or the tone of the conversation, and just be thankful they are worthy of a little talk time from others.

    2. The only reason this is getting hate is because so many of the people who go on this website have spent their life savings on synthesizers and pro audio gear. People have probably lost friends, jobs and family to GAS (I ain’t joking),) and when somebody comes along who makes great music, is incredibly enthusiastic, and is revelling in success, it makes them reflect upon how little they have achieved musically. KINK’s great, I don’t care what anybody says!

  6. Not House at all. Not sure why Kink is as popular as he is. Oh, right: e’s

    Give me some Frankie Knuckles (RIP), DJ Sneak, or Derrick Carter Deep House grooves any day over this rubbish “Kink” is making.

  7. Please oh masters of the Synthopia forums! Guardians of the good taste! I summon you to enlighten our ignorant minds on what music should we all peasants listen to and how should we name it!

  8. Hi everyone, thank you for watching!
    Here is part two of the session, props to Rhavin McSweaney for joining me on stage!


    I loved Rhavin`s voice and confidence to grab the mic spontaneously and jam with a random guy (me). Now I see you need a confidence, I haven`t seen that much hate (about my work) lately, but hey, there is no such a thing as bad publicity. Cheers for the hot debate!

    To the guys who work at the “true house music police” check that part of the improvisation, might be your cup of tea. Funny, often I am criticised that my music is too much influenced by the original sound of House and Techno (pre Carter / Sneak era). If i had a lot of free time, I would love to answer you all and explain why (i think) you are missing the point, but I`m busy with enjoying making music, I wish you to find something enjoyable for yourselves too.

    Thank you Roland / Aira crew, you made my NAMM week an amazing experience!

    1. This is a great response to random internet haters. I liked the performance, and think it was a good usage of the equipment. What was being used to play the samples? Also it’s pretty easy to sit down to some synths and get a trancey sound, but a lot harder to get something soulful and funky. I’m looking into Aira equipment for my live sets, and getting away from samples, so this helped.

      Here’s my most recent recorded live set:

    2. yes man!(KiNK) ! thnx for replying in this… you have it in you and thnx for the great tunes! if you ever have time in Berlin to have a dinner or even you want to go to Crete vacation arranged room etc by me let me know man! i would be happy to meet some day and have a lunch,dinner or whatever and speak about music! so inspiring man! cheers!!!
      In the end is not house or techno or whatever ,but what is inside us make those knobs move,and for the music producers out there who understand is not only about knobs..!!
      p.s. i loved your cassette series on soundcloud… i am struggling to have this raw sound for myself ,maybe one day u will show me ,who knows!

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